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Development voor vastgoed bedrijven customer automatisatie - AMAI.IMMO

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web-development. CRM integrations. data migration. Javascript. PHP.

AMAI.IMMO is serving all the major platforms in Belgium. Connect your website to our comprehensive API and start connecting with other real estate services. Start collecting your data the right way, become a distributor, and control with marketing automation for real estate.

A website with AMAI.IMMO? We do not just make websites. We build sustainable, converting, online platforms with a focus on more business for real estate. 

We service all the major platforms in Belgium and the Netherlands: Whise, Sweepbright, Omnicasa, Zabun, Real works, and Kolibri. Join AMAI.IMMO, we got you covered! 

Switching from a website, email provider, or CRM? We make sure there is no downtime and no data disappearing. We take care of the most complex and dangerous jobs.

Need to have something build just for your organization? We love to help you with all your questions. Get a free quote, schedule a call with our developers.


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