Altro Vastgoedgroep

This real estate agency is focusing on residential real estate and growing rapidly in the Flemish part of Belgium. Our task was to detect their business units and make them work for them.

We have build:

Altro Real Estate Group
Altro Real Estate
Altro Projects


9 Offices


21 Agents


Residential, Project Developers

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Visualising the rocket

To fulfill all the expectations of our customer and have together a clear view on the jobs-to-be-done we hosted a workshop of 3 day’s with the stakeholders of the company. In the 3 day workshop our team collected al the materials necessary to get a clear sight on their identity, place in the market and focus for the future.

The first drafts

After the workshop, we made the first drafts of the ‘new rockets’ that need to lift this company to the next level. We designed a first draft of a plan over the timeline of a year. All the costs, software, training, skills in a simple draft to prepare the launch towards to become futureproof.


This project is built from scratch by our team of developers and marketing experts. 

Marketing Automation

We have developed a smooth customer experience with new technology.

Personalized email follow-up, marketing, re-targeting, and smart advertising deliver a return on investment. Bye-bye, old-school ‘cold lead prospection’!

Data Management

This project haves our AMAI.IMMO-API as a robust bridge for managing real estate data. 

Collecting, sending & storing all the data coming from the website and connecting it to Whise. With our open API other real estate service providers can connect with ease.

Workflow Automation

We helped this real estate company automate repetitive tasks and communication between customers, real estate agents, and direct service providers. All in 1 system.

To attract new brokers and generate more customers automating the workflows is needed to become a ‘digital first’ real estate agency. Managing the data within their own database makes it possible to automate every job-to-be-done and solve complex situations. 

We have build workflows for cold-lead generation, lead-follow up, home valuations, signing e-contracts, managing appointments from platforms and the website for rental, sales, and new build, after-sales follow-up system, and much more. 

2021 is the year for this real estate company to grow its customers and attract new agents with a more digital mindset. With innovative training and support, we help this company along its journey.

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