Copandi a real estate company based in Mechelen, Antwerpen, and Geel was from the start rapidly growing. Their vision and way of approach to selling houses at a fixed fee were very new at the time. To become future-proof they came to AMAI.IMMO for a strategic workshop.


3 Office


9 Agents


Residential Real Estate

Copandi by AMAI.IMMO

Strategic Workshop

To fulfill all the expectations of our customers and have together a clear view on the jobs-to-be-done we hosted a workshop of 3 day’s with Wim, Steven, and Duncan the owners of the company. In the 3 day workshop, our team collected all the materials necessary to get a clear sight on their identity, place in the market and focus for the future.

The first drafts

After the workshop, we made the first drafts of the ‘strategy’ that needs to lift this company to the next level. We designed a first draft of a plan over the timeline of a year. All the costs, software, training, marketing, skills in a roadmap to prepare the launch and become digital first agency.


This project is built from scratch by our team of developers and marketing experts. From branding, video marketing, and online content.

Video Marketing

We have designed a video marketing strategy so the content is able to use on specific pages on their website. Also, the same content is used in email marketing, blogs, or explainers on social media marketing.

The intro and outro and the music make sure is recognizable. In this way, the brand can grow over time and create an online community of true followers. 

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