We are very proud that ‘Markt 21’ that existed for more than 70 years asked our advice to become a ‘Next Gen’ digital-first real estate agency. We changed the name to Verlimmo and adjusted the branding to blow fresh air into Schoten the region where they are most active to attract new customers.


1 Office


4 Agents


Residential Real Estate

Strategic Workshop

Starting a transformation project with a company with more than 70 years of experience is not the easiest thing to do. The small size and of the company and their friendly familiar business culture made us explore new ideas and push the project outside its boundaries.

AMAI.IMMO organized a kick-off event with the team of Verlimmo and hosted a 2-day workshop.

We used all these insights to create a strategic roadmap with a financial plan attached to it. Our strategic plan makes sure we are all headed in the same direction.

The ‘BIG’ plans we had worked out for the company would now become to live. We are honored but also super excited to put this plan into action.

The first design

After the workshop, we made the first drafts of the ‘branding’ that need to lift this company to the next level. We designed new stickers for window shoppers, business cards, and a part of the new website. After everything got approved we were unstoppable. 

In this project, we inspired ourselves on an American way of presenting a company like ‘Serhant‘. A personal touch and content from the company and its employees made this project a success. 

A new website

We implemented not only the design in the website but, also took care of new technologies. Our customers are collecting its own data, adding extra information to new build projects that were not available in their current CRM.

The way we collect the data of the website is important to track the customer’s behavior and actions on the website. Every action on this website leads to a customer follow-up that is fully personalized. 

Every property haves its own agenda with Future Calendar and customers can listen to audio descriptions of the property. Click here to check the website online: https://verlimmo.be/

Data managment

This project haves our AMAI.IMMO-API as a robust bridge for managing real estate data. Collecting, sending & storing all the data coming from the website and connecting it to Omnicasa. 

Email Marketing

We have build 13 follow-up flows in this project with the use of personalized email follow-up, marketing, re-targeting, and smart advertising deliver a return on investment. Bye-bye, old-school ‘cold lead prospection’! 

Video Marketing

To make all the content for the website and get the best pictures we have worked with the best cameras. We worked with Belgium actors to create beside the website video also video’s for social media marketing.

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Strategic partner for growth

The project is currently live and online. This means that our partnership has only begun. As a strategic partner, we want to see our customers grow on many levels. To make successful online project maintenance and adjustments are needed to succeed. We will analyze the data and use those insights to optimize this project. This investment is done in order to grow and get more customers.  

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