Wijns Real Estate

After 20 years, Wijns Real Estate was ready for a makeover. With more than 600 houses in their portfolio every year. Located in more than 20 regions and more than 25 brokers Wijns Real Estate is now added to the club of ‘next gen’ digital first agencies in Europe.


4 Offices


25 Agents


Residential Real Estate

Kick-off Workshop

Starting a new project is not so easy for an existing business. One often wonders how the employees react to this. They also have no idea how to tackle or start a transformation project like this.

AMAI.IMMO organized a kick-off event with Wijns Real Estate. Intended to inform the brokers of the new direction the office is taking.

In addition, a survey was conducted to ask questions about the situation they find themselves in within the organization. We used the answers in our 1-day workshop with Philip Wijns and the core team members. 

We used all these insights as a kick-off and to create a roadmap with a financial plan attached to it. This often called as our strategic plan makes sure we are all headed in the same direction.


After the workshop, we made the first drafts of the ‘2.0 website‘ that need to lift this company to the next level. We designed a first draft of a plan over the timeline of a year. All the costs, software, training, marketing, skills in a simple draft to prepare the launch towards to become future-proof.

Data Management with AMAI

This project haves our AMAI.IMMO-API as a robust bridge for managing real estate data. Collecting, sending & storing all the data coming from the website and connecting it to their CRM. AMAI.IMMO-API is connected to Zabun, Sweepbright, Whise, Omnicasa, Kolibri, and Realworks

Video & Content

Our in-house video production team has created videos and content to give customers a personal experience. Personalized videos and content are the way to attract new customers.

Email Marketing

In this project we collect data from website visitors that download information or do specific things. We collect the correct data and follow up with custom build flows.

Strategic Partnership

As a strategic partner, we help real estate companies to achieve a defined goal. A roadmap or plan of action for a year ensures that we achieve objectives. In this project we first made sure that the website and customer follow-up system was ready first.

After this step, we will further express the branding to the right target group and set up smart marketing campaigns.

In a third phase, we will place all collected leads in a follow-up system and automate internal processes linked to real estate transactions. 

This is a verb and is not that simple. The business culture and the people who work in it have their workflow. The real estate office of the future is one where more use is made of digital tools to automate repetitive tasks.

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