Residentie Dheye

Residentie Dheye

Residentie Dheye Residence DHeye has been welcoming seniors since 1996 in a warm place with services that guarantee quality living in a quiet and green environment. Units 22 woonunits Owners 2 Focus Residential Real Estate Building the website The sector […]

Verlimmo by AMAI.IMMO


Verlimmo We are very proud that ‘Markt 21’ that existed for more than 70 years asked our advice to become a ‘Next Gen’ digital-first real estate agency. We changed the name to Verlimmo and adjusted the branding to blow fresh […]

Copandi by AMAI.IMMO


Copandi Copandi a real estate company based in Mechelen, Antwerpen, and Geel was from the start rapidly growing. Their vision and way of approach to selling houses at a fixed fee were very new at the time. To become future-proof […]

Wijns Real Estate by AMAI.IMMO

Wijns Vastgoed

Wijns Real Estate After 20 years, Wijns Real Estate was ready for a makeover. With more than 600 houses in their portfolio every year. Located in more than 20 regions and more than 25 brokers Wijns Real Estate is now […]

Altro Vastgoedgroep

Altro Vastgoedgroep This real estate agency is focusing on residential real estate and growing rapidly in the Flemish part of Belgium. Our task was to detect their business units and make them work for them. We have build: –Altro Real […]