Marketing designed for real estate with passion.

Social media marketing for real estate. Marketing campagnes for real estate / marketing campagnes voor enkel vastgoedbedrijven, projectontwikkelaars.

A full service digital
agency with a passion
real estate project video social media Google Facebook Instagram  Linkedin marketing.

We create brands, marketing strategies, and relationships between our projects and their customers as-a-service. Our goal is to have an ‘impact’ within the customer experience with a strong design and personalized convers(at)ion(al) marketing. 


We facilitate innovative workshops for real estate to discover the DNA of your company, opportunities and create a long-term strategy.


The roadmaps we design towards the needs of your organization are our specialty. Years of studying the real estate market made us understand your needs.


Offline marketing like brochures, flyers, and sales support are important to connect to your online investments. Offline marketing is still working!

Social Media

Social media marketing for real estate re-invented. We train employees and help as-a-service with your content strategy.

Google Ads for real estate companies is our expertise. Advertisement campaigns for lead generation. Find buyers or sellers leads for residential real estate. 


Grow your audience by using powerful advertising. Facebook market-place, local advertising, and retargeting campaigns for real estate are waiting for you.


List Instagram in your services cause it’s the number 1 platform for real estate in 2021. Retarget customers with properties or generate new leads.


Use advanced B2B LinkedIn strategies to generate leads on auto-pilot. This platform is great to connect with ‘custom’ audiences on demand.

Video marketing
& Video production.

Real estate companies can easily use video in their marketing strategy and expect a high return on the investment made. It is only important that people think outside the box about this production.

If you are starting with Video it’s good to have an introduction bundle. You need video’s for your websites and specific pages as well content for social media. This with an intro & outro, music, and a voiceover. Watch our promo video.

Create ads/promotions on social media or show the customer why they should choose you. A video can be used for a long time and is therefore very profitable to bet. Watch our promo video. 

If you decorate your office with Christmas decorations or maybe put up a Christmas tree. It’s fun to take advantage of these moments and collect content. In this way, we can use this through the website, social media, or via screens in the business. Watch our promo video.

Video is the best way to highlight properties. By using video you can give customers a bird’s-eye view of the property. You can also add music or use a voice-over. Watch our promo video.

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