Determining the strategy for the future with the help of real estate experts.

In order to stay ahead of your competition and maintain your market share, the organization must improve.

From offline marketing, websites, Facebook advertisements, or the automation of your business processes.

As a strategic partner, we not only help with the development of your roadmap but also with the implementation.

All you do is execute your plan of action. This is to grow strategically with the help of real estate marketing experts.

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Getting started...


In an introductory meeting, we map out the growth opportunities.

We have prepared your application and conducted a preliminary investigation. We neutrally analyzed your organization.

Our experts who specialize in real estate companies and their digitization transformation maps the needs to achieve the proposed objectives.

branding, huisstijl, voor vastgoedbedrijven

Workshop in the sky

Our innovation location, dedicated knowledge in the real estate sector, and years of research are there to make your organization future-proof.


We facilitate the space and possibility of workshops. Our office is located in the building of ‘The Beacon‘ the I.o.T. hub of the city of Antwerp.


With our office at the 8th level, you will have stunning views over the city of Antwerpen. It will inspire you to reïnvent yourself.

Marketing Automatisatie Bureau voor vastgoedbedrijven en projectontwikkelaars - AMAI.IMMO


We design an action plan based on your company culture and objectives.


A written plan elaborated in detail, linked to a financial roadmap for a year, ensures that you can take concrete steps.


We are there to support you in the transformation and to implement the plan with the necessary support.

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